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2009/10 session (Hapoel Usishkin) Round 13

Game Description

This intriguing game between Hapoel Usishkin and Hapoel Hof-Hasharon (3rd in the League), should have been played on February 6th at Moshav Beni Zion. Even before the game started a fistfight started after the Hapoel fans put up banners that the Hof-Hasharon fans said were obstructing their view. The mayhap was big and Uri Shelf, Rami Cohen and Matan Naor all helped to restore order and calm. A compromise was achieved and the banner was moved to the right and all were happy.  

But the real chaos was yet to come. During the warm-up it was discovered that the game watch and the scoreboard are not functioning, despite numerous attempts to fix them. 20 minuets after the official tip-off time, it was decided to bring the clock from a neighboring Kibbutz. When the new scoreboard arrived it did not solve the problem. The Hof-Hashron people wanted to go to a third place to try and bring a new score board, but the referees decided to end the farce and 75 minuets after the game should have started they blew their whistles and ended the game. 100 red fans went home disappointed without seeing their team play.  

On Thursday of the same week took place a hearing at the Basket Ball Union disciplinary committee and it decided on a rematch on December 24th. It also fined Hof-Hasharon 2500 shekels and it ordered them to cover the unnecessary expensive of Hapoel for the rematch. Hapoel arrived at the rematch at Kibbutz Shfa’im with 80 fans that face another 80 local fans, after a very tough game against Ramat-Hasharon on Saturday. Mentally the players were already in Eilat towards the important Egud Cup semi-final game. Despite all of this, on court Hapoel was determined and exploded on the pitch in the first half. Hapoel’s sub-players played for most of the second half and the game ended with a victory by a fare margin. The REDS are on route to Eilat with a clear mind.           


  • The game was supposed to be played in Shfa’im, but was moved because of the large crowed expected to come and see the game.
  • Since the establishment of Hapoel Usishkin this is its first game to be canceled.
  • The Game was supposed to be played on February 7th but was moved to Saturday because of the Hapoel TA football game.
  • For the first time ever in the history of the team a Haly-Hoop move was conducted by its players. Lahat sent a magnificent pass to Laor
  • Tohar Haymovtich appeared to the game for the first time without his trade-mark long hair, which he cut.



Hapoel opened the game with a storm. Yaron Lahat was unstoppable and Matan Naor, who returned after not playing against Ramat Hasharon due to an ankle injury, was hungry and came to do what he does best in the league. After 5 minuets Hapoel was up 14:1. Hof-Hasharon scored its first field basket only 3 minuets to the end of the quarter, which ended at the score of 27:9. The first quarter was dominated by Yaron Lahat who passed assists to his play mates and Matan Naor scoring from everywhere. Hof-Hasharon looked hopeless opposite the waves of  attacks by the red players and the Hapoel strong defense that caused them to lose ball after ball and throw very tough shots.   


The second quarter was more of the same. Hof-Hasharon, in its despair tried to stop Hapoel with fouls and 2 minuets into the quarter they had already 5 team fouls. Hapoel looked very determined to show that also opposite strong teams it can end a game with astronomical results and didn’t stop running and pressuring. Lahat scored from near and far, Tohar was in charge of the fast-breaks and Matan’s hands were on fire with 2 three-pointers. The icing on the cake was a magnificent haly-hoop. Matan sneaked behind the Hof-Hasharon defense caught the assist from Lahat (7 in the game) and slam dunked the ball. The scoreboard showed 47:22 three minuets to half time and a minuet and a half later it was already 52:26. Until the halftime wistle Hapoel let go a bit and allowed Hof-Hasharon to score two quick three pointers and the halftime score was 52:32.


Hapoel started the second half with its opening five, but after 2 minuets Naor was benched and did not return to play. Throughout the second half Couch Avrahami played with his 2nd and 3rd squads. Five minuets into the quarter the score was 56:38, but then Hapoel restarted to bash the stunned Hof-Hasharon. Sergey Olishinstki was caught with an un-sportsmanship foul and Tohar used this for four quick ones, on the way to a 13:2 run 69:40. It were Tohar and Inbar that were responsible for this run that included fast breaks and very strong defense. But then Hapoel cooled down. Avrahami sent to the court Shwarzman and Bochman that lost too many balls and also failed to give a defensive answer. The quarter ended just 69:51 to Hapoel.   


The final quarter was mainly garbage time. Hapoel played with its subs, Rokni was fouled-out and the game swung between a 16-20 margin. After 3 minuets each team scored just 5 points 74:56 to Hapoel.  Among the subs, Omer Zamir was shining, scoring from downtown and from close up 11 points preventing Hof-Hashron any hop of closing the gap. The game ended 76:94 to Hapoel that did not reflect the real professional difference between the teams. The red fans grumbled on the need for a rematch that ended very similar to a technical lose (20:0) that Hof-Hasharon should have received from the disciplinary board.        



Opening five: Lahat, Naor, Haimovitch, Eitan & Rockni

Hapoel: Tohar Haimovitch , Matan Naor – 19 each, Yaron Lahat – 16, Omer Zamir – 11, Elad Inbar – 9. Yariv Rockni – 8, Yarden Shwartzman – 5, Gal Eitan – 3, Yonatan Alfassi – 2 Gilad Simchoni – 2

Played but failed to score Yiftach Bochman


Hof-Hasharon:  Sergey Olishnzkey – 16, Yoni Nazr , Rayne Lekser, Guy Barbiaro – 13 each, Shahar Nachmias – 6, Tomer Rabbinovitch – 5, Meir Bar-David – 4. Edo Amir – 3, Ram Sterlin – 1.  


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