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Liga Artzit (North) – Round No. 12

The first game of the second round sees two teams with very sparse lineups and a light appearance by the Ussishkin crowd, all this coupled with the marked difference in the table position between the two teams (Galil coming from 9th place) did not interfere with a relativity tense game.

Trivia facts:

A crew form the sport channel made a piece about Hapoel Ussishkin during the game.

The two teams were missing many players. Galil appearing with only 8 players, while Hapoel were missing Gilad Simchoni, Yariv Rockny  and Gilad Inbar.

Yiftach Bochman played even though he was out of practice’s during most the of the weak because of an injury.

Galil appeared with a new coach Reuben Naiberger. As their former coach was fired a few days prior to the match.


Hapoel started the game strong and went to an early 7:24 lead after 5 minutes, mainly due to a great performance by Tohar Haimovitz, and many ball losses by the Galil players. Hapoel seemed to let go as the quarter continued ending with a 16:32 lead for the home team.

In the second quarter it looked like Galil finally arrived to the game, lead by a barrage of 3-pointers from the excellent Shay Kadoosh and with good performance by Maoz Kahlon including a beautiful alley-oop, the fact that it was the worst quarter performance by Hapoel this season (only 9 points) also helped. Without the injured Inbar and with Haimovitz on the bench Hapoel looked lost and rivaled Galil with multiple stupid ball losses. Towards the end of the half the visitors came as close as 32:38 and also missed a 3 pointer that would have made it even close, Hapoel took the gift and 3 points on the other side of the court ended the half at 32:41.

In the first 5 minutes of the second half Galil still seemed in the game and the difference revolved around 12 points, with Hapoel still not able to dictate the rhythm even after Tohar was back on the court, however it was evident that Galil’s lacking physical form and short bench will show their marks and indeed towards the end of the 3rd quarter the red machine woke up. Gal Eitan and Haimovitz were everywhere and their fast-breaks sealed the quarter with a decisive 49:69.

The last quarter saw the scoreline at 59:92  at one point, signaling for the entrance of more bench players which Galil used to minimize the defeat and retain some of their honor. The end score was 70-92 for Hapoel.


Hapoel starting 5: Lahat, Eitan, Haimovitz, Naor, Schwartzman.

Hapoel: Hamovitz – 24, Gal Eitan – 16, Matan Naor – 15, Yaron Lahat – 10, Omer Zamir – 10, Yarden Schwartzman – 8, Yakir Jersassi – 5, Yiftach Bochman – 4.

Played but did not score: Yonatan Alfassi.

Galil Elyon: Maoz Kahlon 18, Shay Kadosh 16, Matan Sonego 15, Lior Sarf 12, Ami Wolf 4, Nis Phalach 3, Artur Evronin 2.

Played: Moshe Rahamim.

Judges: Alex MAsherov, Yoav Lyuvshitz.


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