Posted by: hapoeluta | 04/01/2010

Liga Arzit (North) – Round no. 10

About 300 fans showed up to Hadar Yosef expecting to see a close game against the 3rd ranked team Makabi Hedera. Unfortunately for them it was a one sided event from the first whistle, ending with yet another easy win for Hapoel, who continues to run over the competition.

Play by Play:

Hapoel started the match in a frenzy with a great first quarter by the entire team as a whole and Tohar Haimovitz in particular, with the scoreboard showing 31-11 to the locals at the end of the quarter.

The second quarter starters were Matan Naor, Yiftach Buchman, Elad Inbar, Omer Zamir and Yarden Schwartzman. Schwartzman in probably his best game this year, started the quarter with a great move, and a his basket following a Yiftach Buchman steal gave the reds a 39-15 lead 3 minutes into the quarter. 4:00 from the end of the half a beautiful Ussishkin play pass by Haimovitz to Yaniv Rokni (coming in from the bench) put the score at 48-22. A small Hedera 5-0 run was stopped by a 3 pointer from Yaron Lahat. The half ended with a promising 54-31 lead.

The start of the second half was all about Matan Naor and Yaniv Rokni’s play’s this coupled with strong defense from Tohar gave Hapoel a 63-33 lead just 3 minutes from the whistle. The game a bit hectic at that point with a lot of turnovers from both teams, 5:12 to the end of the quarter the 30 points difference was still held, 67-37. 1:52 from the 4th quarter following a nice play by Hedera, Usishkin is on the offensive, Buchman’s hassle for a lost ball allows Inbar to draw a foul and sink the 2 shots from the line, making it 71:47. The last minute and a half were all Omer Zamir, following a Hedera 3-pointer, his 2 steals, assist and one basket led Hapoel to a 9-0 run ending the quarter with a 80 to 53 scoreline, favoring the reds.

The 4th quarter saw Gilad Simhoni, Yarden Schwartzman, Omer Zamir, Yiftach Buchman and Elad Inbar in the starting 5. Hapoel started just were they left off, with a Buchman steal combined with a great play from Zamir putting the reds at 85-53 with only a minute and a half passing form the beginning of the quarter. 6:57 to the end a beautiful “slant eye’d” pass form Simhoni leads to an easy basket from Buchman, Rokni and Lahat with two 3-pointer’s continued the rout, and 2:12 form the end of the game the score was 103-65. 1:30 before the whistle an unsportsmanlike foul on Tohar yields only 2 points from the line. The end scoreline shows 109-67 continuing Hapoel Ussishkin’s great record.


The starting five: Yaron Lahat, Gal Eitan, Haimovitz, Matan Naor & Rockni

Hapoel: Tohar Haimovitz 21, Yarden Schwartzman 14, Matan Naor 13, Omer Zamir 12, Gal Eitan 9, Yariv Rockni 9, Yaron Lahat 8, Elad Inbar 8, Yiftach Buchman 7, Yakir Jersey 6, Jonathan Alfasi 2.

Played but didnt score: Gilad Simhoni.

Judges: Assaf Margalit and Yosef Gross.


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