Posted by: hapoeluta | 21/12/2009

Liga Artzit (North) – Round 9

A decisive victory to the Ushiskin reds on our northern guests that arrived with a few players less, due to injuries, and were no match except for the first minutes at the beginning of the first quarter. The game was pushed forwards to Saturday at 20:00 to create a linkage with  the legendary fans football tournament – The “Yetzurnir” that was held on the same day and ended at 18:00.


  • This was the second highest victory score wise of Hapoel Usishkin since it was established.
  • Former Hapoel Tel-Aviv player Ziv Tavor, played for Maccabi Kiryat Bealik

Play by Play:

Hapoel Usishkin opened strongly, but Bealik succeeded to draw 14:14, due to three pointer shots. But from here onwards Matan Naor and his mates opened a 9 point gap and the first quarter ended in a score of 27:18.

From the beginning of the second quarter there was only one team on the pitch. And by the end of the second quarter the gap grew to 35 points and the half time scoreboard showed 62:27. The Kiryat Bealik players lost their coolness, especially Ziv Tavor the “Red Head”, who picked up four personal fouls and was benched until the end of the game.

The second half was only played for the record and the third quarter ended with a record 39:91 advantage. Bealik lost all interest in the game but Hapoel continued to play. In the last quarter coach Avrahami played with his third squad and the final score was 114:57.


The Opening Five: Yaron Lahat, Gal Eitan, Haimovitz, Matan Naor & Rockni

Usishkin: Gal Eitan 20, Tohar Haimovitz 19, Matan Naor & Gilad Simhoni 13 (each) Elad Inbar 11, Omar Zamir 9, Yarden Schwartzman 8, Yaron Lahat 7, Yariv Rockni 6, Yakir Jersey 4, Yiftach Buchman 3, Jonathan Alfasi 1.

Bealik: Yigal Nir 23, Liran Svartzoold & Charlie Fahima 12 (each), Ziv Tavor 5, Lior Tamir Smai & Sheila 2 (Each), Harel Schechter 1 .

Judges: Benny, Marco, Etai Michovic ‘


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