Posted by: hapoeluta | 14/12/2009

Union Cup – 1/8 Finals

Hapoel traveled to Rehovot to face Maccabi Rehovot in a deciding game for qualifying to the next stage of the Israeli Union cup (the 3rd and 4th leagues cup).

The game also signified a closure for Hapoel star Matan Naor who played as a youth for Rehovot, and got a warm welcome back.

Rehovot, 4th in the Liga Artzit south conference ,proved no match for Hapoel. In the end with a spectacular display of basketball the reds thrashed Rehovot 129:87. 450 spectators at the Amit court in Rehovot.

The game started off with both teams lacking on the defensive side. After 5 minutes the score was 23:23, with some worried faces on the Hapoel side. Coach Avrahami switched the lineup to shorter quicker players to pressure Rehovot all over the court, with Buchman on to take car of Liperman, the Rehovot leading player.

This change gave way to Hapoel exploding with a 16:0 run til the end of the quarter. From here on the gaem became one0sided. Hapoel ofensive breaks tore down the Rehovot defense, Naor with two beatiful dunks, and Zamir 3-pointers closed the 1st half at 70:47 to Hapoel. the 3rd quarter continued on the same note with an astounding 104:68 to Hapoel.

In the 4th quarter Avrahami let his starting lineup rest, and the game finished with a nice dunk by Buchman, followed by him performing the Hapoel gesture to the delight of the 150 red fans in the stand.


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