Posted by: hapoeluta | 13/12/2009

Round 8 – Kfar Saba at home

Hapoel beat Hapoel Kfar Saba/Kohav Yair yesterday at home 81:55 in round 8 of the 3rd division. 350 spectators at Hadar Yosef.

Kfar Saba were 3:4 before this game, so it was supposed to be an easy match. Surprisingly it wasn’t. 1st quarter ended 17:15 to kfar saba, horrible capablit y from our side offensively.

First half ended 37:30 to our side, mainly due to Tohar Haimovich finishing off great counter attacks. Kfar saba stayed in the game due to 6 3-pointers (0 on our side).

Second half was much easier. Matan Naor finally woke up, started scoring 3-pointers, Buchman added some great defense, Gal Eitan helped Tohar on on the counter attacks, Kfar Saba ran out of energy and we finished off the game on the 3rd quarter (60:41).

Some pictures


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